Packing and loading multiple items and pieces of furniture takes a lot of time and a very specific skill. Luckily for you, Hawthorne Movers' world-class crews are highly proficient in fast, efficient, careful work which includes wrapping, lifting, loading, and moving! And with our low-cost labor-only rates, our moving services are simply the best!

If you're due to move soon and already have a truck or pod, give us a call and we will send a crew to help you with the manual labor aspects of your project. Our crews can professionally pack your possessions and expertly load up your vehicle, unpacking and unloading on arrival at your new home or premises! And if you're scheduled to move from one apartment to another in the same block, get in touch with us and we'll make light work of relocating your items. Our affordable labor-only prices mean there's really no reason to struggle, risk back injuries through heavy lifting, or potentially cause damage to your cherished furniture.

Our labor services are also available for long-distance moves; just let us know the specifics of your project so we can plan ahead and assign the correct crew. Long journeys mean more packing time and materials are required to adequately protect your belongings. In this instance, we generally advise customers to order at least twelve moving blankets for extra protection.

Movers and Packers

What's included? Most of the things others charge for!

  • Modern and Clean Trucks
  • Experienced Movers
  • Hand-trucks and Dollies
  • Plenty of Moving Blankets
  • Mileage, Fuel, & Taxes
  • Stairs & Long Walking
  • Assembly & Dis-Assembly
  • Covers for floor and door
  • Stretch Wrap and Tape
  • 4-8 Garment Boxes
  • Hand and Power Tools
  • Boxes and Bubble Wrap
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What We Promise

Outstanding service and honest pricing, 100% guaranteed.
Cheap Movers

Clear, Fair Prices

No need to fear hidden costs with Hawthorne Movers. We include essential supplies in the cost of your move.

Professional movers

Experienced Crews

Our movers undergo full training to ensure they have the skills and knowledge for the job. And they work hard!

Reliable & punctual

Dedicated & Timely

We know that time is of the essence when moving, so we don't keep you waiting and we work to optimal efficiency.

Licensed movers

Insured & Covered

Rest assured that we take each move seriously, backed up by our professional licensure and cargo insurance policies.

Local Movers

Local Workers

We're a family business, with crew members hand-picked from the local area. Community care is at our core.

Customer service

Friendly Service

We're always happy to answer your questions about your upcoming move. Our office team provides invaluable advice.

Words of praise

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  • Customer Testimonials

    Professional moving crews, budget-friendly rates, and speedy service... I'd recommend Hawthorne Movers to anyone!

    Breanna C.
  • Customer Testimonials

    I needed help moving to a new place across town and these guys were priced right. My crew went out of their way to help.

    Chelsea T.
  • Customer Testimonials

    Hiring Hawthorne Movers was the smartest decision I ever made. Fast workers and great rates - simply put outstanding!

    Malik A.
  • Customer Testimonials

    We had a lot of stuff to move, since it was a last minute decision, but my crew was patient and packed everything so carefully.

    Yolanda G.
  • Customer Testimonials

    Don't hesitate to hire this company when you need something heavy moving. They relocated my workout equipment in no time.

    Eric B.
  • Customer Testimonials

    Such energy from my crew! They literally didn't stop working until the job was done. Five-star service, for sure!

    Crystal E.